Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog

            This is the question that I think most people who spend even a miniscule amount of time online asks themselves: to blog or not to blog. Entire families have blogs for each member and they all network by sharing their photos and daily lives with one another. And while I see many blogs that are wonderful and informative, I wonder whether or not I have anything to say that isn’t completely irreverent.
            So… to blog or not to blog?
            Well, Writer’s Digest recommends that budding authors try to establish a web presence. The idea is that if you have already proven that at least some people care what you’re saying and have interest in what you’re writing, that you’ll be marketable and that your built-in audience will likely grow. In short, web presence equals interest which equals sales. So, I figure, why not? I mean, it can’t really hurt, can it? And if it does, we’ll just add this to the long list of “oops” moments in my life.
            Here’s hoping that I don’t royally embarrass myself with this blog and who knows, maybe gain some friends along the way.

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