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How far would you go to save your sister? That’s the question Eliza Landry has been asking herself for weeks.
In a matter of moments, Eliza’s life changed forever. First, her sister went missing, and then, after what appeared to be a random attack, she left her with two puncture wounds on her neck. In vain, the 21-year old college senior tries to cope with her sister’s disappearance still going unsolved, and moving on with her life despite experiencing some curious developments of mind and body.
Fed up with the stalled investigation, Eliza takes matters into her own hands—retracing her steps that terrifying night; and she finds some surprising answers. Soon, Eliza is drawn into the dark and dangerous world of the undead, with no guarantee she’ll make it out alive, and no doubt that she won’t like what she finds. ANOMALY is the first book in THE BIRTHRIGHT SERIES, a supernatural Young Adult novel.